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Hydracol - The Natural Innovators

Hydracol is an evolving collection of skin and beauty products offering honest integrity in beauty care in the most humble and honest way. Our brand was created to celebrate that you can feel beautiful anywhere, especially in the comfort of your own home.

At Hydracol HQ we aim to create amazing, affordable and unique beauty products. Hydracol only employs beauty enthusiasts that absolutely love and breath anything beauty. We are a serious brand and we believe in developing new and unique, nail, skin and beauty care that are not only organic and vegan where possible but also innovative and cruelty-free products that actually work. 

We are beauty futurists and we dedicate all our time to search for the next big beauty hack, trend and skin care breakthrough. Our aim is to inspire happiness and confidence, every person should be encouraged to feel their type of beautiful no matter where they are from or how much they have.

From Vitamin C serums to Gel polish, Make up, The perfect cat eyeliner, the magical foot skin peeling mask as well as anti ageing beauty products we have everything covered. 

LOVE your natural gorgeous self


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About Some of Our Top Sellers.

Zoosh Winged Eyeliner Stamp™ - Hydracol USA

Get perfect winged eyeliner in seconds with our amazing eyeliner hack. Create a flawless winged look with this revolutionary cat eye eyeliner stamp.

Why our customers are loving Zoosh

  • Perfect identical wings every-time
  • No more smudges
  • No more panda eyes
  • No more uneven wings
  • Stays on all day
  • Intense black color 
  • Vegan 
  • So easy to use

You simply line up the Zoosh stamp on the upper corner lash line and stamp then fill in the eyeliner with the pen on the other side. Save so much time every morning, your makeup routines will now be hassle free and so much quicker.

Zoosh is a simple quick flick cat eye look that is so easy to do. Its water proof, smudge proof and sweat proof.  You can swim, sweat and party all night it  wont budge.

A quick drying formulation that is easy to remove with eye make up remover. No mess, no dipping no fuss. Fantastic for those with a shaky hand. Achieve the perfect look every time in seconds with Zoosh.

Organic Lip Scrub™ - Hydracol USA

Our Organic Lip Scrub is filled with natural goodness that hydrates and moisturises, it allows for a deep gentle exfoliation that truly preps the lips for your lip hydrator.

No more flaky dry and chapped lips, this scrub is a blend of Organic Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Aloe Vera Extract and Shea Butter. This creamy constancy will gently buff and scrub away to reveal soft smooth and plump lips. Your lips will feel fuller, healthier and a lot more kissable. We recommend to use everyday for maintenance especially if you have dry lips or want a smooth lipstick application.

Why our customers love our Lip Scrub

  • Buffs away dry flaky skin
  • Can be used daily
  • Softens and smooth the lips
  • Prepares the lips for your hydrator
  • Conditions and hydrates
  • Edible, so delicious you can eat it.

Hydra Smooth Foot Peeling Mask™ - Hydracol USA

Hydra Smooth Foot Mask is a revolutionary callus remover that will not only treat dry feet and crack soles but also give you amazing smooth, soft and beautiful feet.

You can now have the feet you have always envied with our foot peel mask. Your feet will feel smooth and soft just like a baby foot. Filled with natural botanicals your foot mask will both hydrate and exfoliated at the same time

So if you answer yes to any of the below questions you need to get yourself a pair of our magical foot masks.

  • Are you feet thick with calluses ? 
  • Are they dry and cracked ? 
  • Do you get embarrassed and hate wearing sandals ?

Our booties come in a pack of 2 so use one now and the other a few weeks later if needed. Our formula is gentle yet filled with powerful natural botanicals. You will experience exfoliation and moisturising at the same time.

Every foot is different so some experience peeling about 5 days later and some take up to 10 days, we recommend to soak daily to speed this up as much as you are able. Get excited to see the skin peeling away revealing gorgeous soft new skin underneath.

Polish to Gel™ - Hydracol USA

This amazing original hack is our best seller. We cant produce it quick enough and everyone is going crazy over this little bottle of magic.

The gel polish converter, literally turns any regular polish into a gel. This miracle gel launched in 2011 and is loved internationally,  join the thousands of customers that love Polish to Gel. Go mad, get creative and create your own endless amount of gel polishes.

You can literally turn any polish you have into a long lasting shiny gel in a few simple steps. Forget those expensive manicures and pedicures, you can now have professional nails in the comfort of your own home. 

Polish to gel is changing the nail industry and we know our customer are going mad for it.

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