January 15, 2016

Gel Nail Polish Fever Continues in 2016


Polish to Gel 

Beauty trends give a vivid image of what the year has been. It gives highlights of what was in and what was not. 2015 was a blast! We just can't get over the long  bohemian waves, red lipstick shades which ruled the runway, makeup contouring: from highlight and contouring to clown contouring, nail arts and gel nail polishes. The year has definitely ended but these trends still reign. Everything is still  dominating the start of the Year of the Monkey 2016.


Gel nail polish had a blast last year that brought up a lot of different other trends out of it, just like the domination of nail arts. Well, if you think nail arts and gel nail polish is over? Think twice or maybe even thrice! Gel nail polish is not likely to get down the thrown too soon. Until today, women are still head over heels on gel nail polish not only because of the beauty it brings but most of all, the benefits you get from it.


So what's the big deal with gel nail polish? Gel nail polish Provides a long lasting  nail polish. It will last for up to two weeks without chipping and keeps your nails  vibrant and shiny as if you just had them done from a salon minutes ago. Nail arts comes along with gel nail polish fever. People use gel nail polish for their nail arts to make them last long and so as to keep the art.


Due to high demand on gel nail polish, Hydracol has come up with The Polish To Gel Solution to address the growing need of women in keeping their nails  embellished. Polish to Gel is a solution that turns your ordinary polish to a  gorgeous gel nail polish in just minutes. Hydracol anticipates women's problem  in keeping their nails maintained and that is the cost that tails on it. The cost in  money and the cost in time. Eureka! Now you don't need to spend too much of  your money and time for your nails. Just get all your old colors from your  cupboard, add Polish to Gel solution and Voila! you are all set for a salon-like gel nail polish experience at your very own home. You don't need to drive to  the salon anymore and spend hours just to have your nails done. Polish to Gel is  truly a must have!


"Hydracol is leading the revolution in gel technology and has taken it to the next  level. This formula has not only been designed to hydrate and condition your  nails but is has also been designed so any colour you choose can be a gel color." ~ Hydracol USA


If you wish to save more of your time and money while you keep up with the  trends on nail polish this new year, Polish to Gel of Hydracol is available for a  grab in Amazon.

January 08, 2016

Polish to Gel For A Girly Bonding Time


When you ask a group of teenagers about the ways they like to bond, you would surely hear nail painting to be on top of their list. Nail painting or coloring is one of the best activities girls  would prefer to have quality time with their girlfriends. It is not only fun and exciting, it also injects creativity and productivity to your bonding time.


With a whole lot of sharing and chit chats, girls would love to play with a whole bunch of different vibrant and glittery nail colors too. You would love to do experiments on colors  and designs as you make your friends nails.


Girls are definitely trendy. So, when it comes to nails, gel polish is what they really need to keep up with what is in today. Unfortunately, not all colors are available in gel polish. We don't want to spend so much money just to buy a lot of gel nail polish. As much as possible we want to save money but without saving the fun.


Polish to gel will save you! Polish to Gel is a solution that turns an ordinary polish to a gel polish in just minutes. You can definitely save money with Polish to Gel. Just gather all your old nail polish and turn them to a gel nail polish. If you think you will not need them anymore, then think twice.


For your next girly bonding time, you can ask your friends to bring with them their old colors and together you make fun and creative nail arts with Polish to Gel. Now, you will surely have so much fun with your girlfriends without spending so much. Your nail painting-girly bonding time will never be as colorful and fun with Polish to Gel.


January 01, 2016

Gel Polish: Loved by All Girls

Polish to Gel is one of the most top rated product produced by Hydracol USA. With its competitive price you can enjoy putting an art to your nails.


Nails art is everywhere! Everyone is talking about different nail art trendy designs. Keeping our nails done beautifully and creatively are just wonderful. 


Have you had the feeling of being so overprotective over your nail art just because you don't want to ruin it after minutes and or hours of efforts making it? Everyone has that feeling for sure. But thanks to gel polish, now you don't need to feel the worry.


Gel polish is the new trend in nail polish, it provides salon quality nails in just minutes. Gel polish lasts for two weeks without cracking or paring. It also stays vibrant and shiny from one week to another, leaving gorgeous nails from application to removal. Gel polish is what girls need for their nail arts to last long.


At home, a lot of girls loves D-I-Y (Do It Yourself) nail art. With that, they surely need a gel polish at home that is accessible and affordable. Polish to Gel is a solution that makes your ordinary nail polish to a gel nail polish in just minutes. Now, with Polish to Gel you have a bigger room for creativity. You can mix and match your favorite colors and make them gel nail polish for your nail art designs. With Polish to Gel, you will not only have a long lasting nail polish, you can also keep your nail arts beautiful and gorgeous for up to two long weeks.


It is certainly not a secret that girls love gel nail polish and nail arts. Now, with Polish to Gel girls will not only fall in love with gel nail polish but are definitely head over heels on their gel nail polished nails.

December 30, 2015

Gel Polish: The New Trend


Whether women are off to a party, wedding or just want a bit of everyday glamor they all love coloured nails . Not only does it complement their dress but it also completes their aura for the day.


It is said that the only constant in this world is change and we all love a change in color when it comes to a polish. A lot of new releases in nail polishes have been introduced in the market and now the recent trend is the gel polish. 


Women of all classes loved the gel polish. It does not only give them gorgeous result in just minutes, it also saves them so much money and effort. The gel nail polish lasts up to two weeks,  It is long lasting and keeps your nails vibrant and shiny as if you've just had your nails done minutes ago. 


What if you have lots of colors at home but you want the gel look ?  Polish to Gel is the answer! Polish to Gel is a solution that turns an ordinary nail polish to gel polish.  Now, you don't need to wait for your favorite nail color to be released as a gel polish because with Polish to Gel you can make your own gel nail polish with your favorite color. 


Polish to Gel will surely keep you in the trend while saving you money, saving you time and effort since there is no need for you to go to the salon every two weeks just to get your nails done. With Polish to Gel keeping up with the trend has never been this easy!

December 18, 2015

Get Stylish with Polish to Gel


Gel nail polish has taken the world by storm and women everywhere are going crazy for bright colours, beautiful nail art and creating a long-lasting shine. 


Gel nail polish provides you with a gorgeous salon-like manicure and pedicure in just minutes. The polish last for up to two weeks and the finish is always a high gloss shine. Your color stays vibrant with no fading from the moment you wear it until the day you remove it. It really saves so much time, effort and money,  it lasts a couple of weeks or more before you need to redo the color.


A lot of busy women can't afford regular visits to a salon for manicure due to time issues. Others would prefer to do their nails on their own home using regular nail polish rather than spending time going to salons for hours. But the problem in using regular nail polish is they take a while to dry and more often than not you smudge your nails, they also don't give you a beautiful finish like gel nail polish.


Wouldn't it be nice if we can use gel nail polish in the comfort or our time and home?


Polish to Gel not only allows you to do your nails in the comfort of your own home it will literally transform any regular nail polish into a gel polish in a simple step process.


The Polish to Gel turns your regular polish into a hard color Lacquer Having your gel nail polish will never be as easy as this with the help of Polish to Gel. 


Use all your old colors that are hidden away in your bathroom cupboard. Simply  mix your old color and the Polish to Gel and that's it, you now have your own gel nail polish with the touch of your favorite nail color. Polish to Gel  definitely makes your mani and pedi more personalized and more convenient.


With Polish to Gel, you can surely have a gorgeous and stylish salon-like nails beautifully made by YOU!

December 14, 2015

Do You Have A Sensitive Skin?

Skin care is most womens top priority but you have to determine the type of your skin you have, before choosing your everyday skin care program. If you have experienced breakouts more often, have problems with skin discoloration, or having dilemma like dryness, irritation or flaking, then you surely have a sensitive skin.

You should start looking for sensitive skin remedies, and get this problem checked in a natural manner. The following remedies can be very useful for you.


You need to consume more than 8 glasses of water per day, if not more. This will keep your skin well-hydrated, and keep it moisturized naturally from within. Enough hydration of the skin is vital, purposely to get rid of flaking and dryness. Your skin will get a radiant glow and problems of irritation can be easily taken.


You can add more fruits and vegetables, such as cucumber, orange, peach and water melon, into your everyday diet. These will keep your skin hydrated. It might be a good idea to stay away from having carbonated drinks and alcohol or keep their intake as reduced as possible. A proper diet with enough fruits and vegetables is one of the best sensitive skin remedies, and it can clean your system from toxins and eliminate impurities and free radicals easily from the body – thus providing improvements to your complexion.


It is vital for you to use moisturizers on your skin, so that the lines and wrinkles are healed in several months. These lines generally occur due to long exposure to sun rays, and radiation causes. Better moisturizers will help removed these easily. Always try using the safest ones and are effective for any type of skin – even sensitive ones. Naturally formulated can penetrate into the skin more easily and give your skin with a healthy and youthful glow. These should comprise of a minimum of 50% active ingredients.


The skin of some people is often sensitive to sun rays than others. People having sensitive skin should avoid spending more time outside. Make use of the hypo allergic sunscreen on your skin purposely to prevent sun damage, as well as avoid allergies. Use natural sun screen products, so that you can stay out for a longer period. Although, sun damage cannot be completely prevented with a sunscreen having at least 15 SPF (Sun Protection Factor) will help you to avoid the damage as much as possible.

Organic cleanser

It is also a good idea to use an organic cleanser that is organic in order to cleanse your skin, and keep it hydrated enough to avoid irritation problems. There are types of oil cleansing that do not contain artificial colors and they have balance acidic content. You can even cleanse yourself at home by mixing olive oil with grape seed / castor oil in 3:1 ration and rubbing your skin with the mixture followed by placing a hot washcloth on the applied area. This is undoubtedly one of the best sensitive skin remedies.

December 14, 2015

Why Vitamin C is so important for the skin?

External factors such as pollution, stress, infections and sun exposure can damage the skin. The main effect is the breakdown of collagen that causes the skin to lose its elasticity. The layers underneath our skin starts to sag so looking for ways on how to improve the quality of the skin from the inside is crucial.

The Vitamin C Factor

Vitamin C is one of the most important remedies for making the skin healthy. It quickly clears out free radicals and is an ingredient which produces and uses collagen protein that your body needs. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C acts as a barrier against free radicals, the unstable molecules that break down skin tissue where it neutralizes attack from environmental factors that threaten skin damage.

The amount of vitamin C that we need to keep up with collagen production and repair increases as we age. That amount can be surprising. The body goes through a lot of stages in producing different enzymes and we make a lot when we are young. There is an increase in the need of cell repair when we make less reconstructive enzymes as time goes by. Serums rich in Vitamin C have proven to be very effective in preventing and repairing wrinkles, and even reversing sun damage. It firms the skin by promoting cell turnover as well as vital elastin and collagen production. Also, it reverses cellular damage while restoring blood vessels.

Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are great source of Vitamin C. It does great wonders to the body and skin. Researchers have found out an effective way of giving the skin its enough dose of vitamin C by promoting it as a cosmetic product. A lot of skin care products are everywhere. People nowadays are conscious on how to look good that’s why looking for anti-aging products is a trend. The only advice I can give you is to look for age-reversing products proven by science to avoid skin damage.

December 13, 2015

An exciting breakthrough in Anti Ageing

War Against Anti Ageing

There is a constant war being waged against ageing, with all kinds of different treatments presented as being the best and most effective. Those non-surgical treatments that do work relatively well usually take a lot of time before the results start to become apparent. That is not the case with micro-needle technology, as it has already proven effective at reducing the signs of ageing and being able to stimulate collagen in as little as 24 hours. The micro dermal roller technology was first developed in Europe, but now it can be purchased here in Australia, too.

If you are already using serums and ant-wrinkle products as part of your daily skin care, you will get even more benefits from them by using the Derma Roller. In fact, you are likely to see your results improve tenfold, and all by simply adding the roller into the equation. Each Derma Roller employs 540 surgical grade micro needles to create a channel in the top layer of your skin, which allows the active ingredients in your skin care products to penetrate deeper than ever before. While the idea of that many needles may sound painful, there is in fact very little discomfort to be felt in the process.

The nutrients and ingredients from the products that you use are essentially absorbed and trapped in the skin once the channels close after a few hours. That allows them to really go to work in dealing with the wrinkles, acne scars, and signs of ageing that so many people feel hinders their appearance. The Derma Roller saves you having to make expensive trips to see a dermatologist, as this is a product that can be easily used in your own home with your existing skin care products.

If you are looking to make skin rejuvenation part of your daily skin care regimen, you seriously need to consider using the Derma Roller. It is not only wrinkles that benefit from the treatment, with acne and surgical scars also being visibly reduced. Skin tone and texture becomes more even, as the production of elastin and collagen is boosted once the products you use enter the channel created by the roller. There are no side effects to worry about when employing this technique, and you will find that the serums in your anti-ageing creams are absorbed by about 1,000 time more than they would be without using the Derma Roller.

You really have a couple of different options that you can go with at this point. You can continue using the same skin care products that you are now, watching as they work ever so slowly, or you can add the Derma Roller into your daily routine and watch as those same products become increasingly effective almost overnight. It’s a very small investment to make, but the rewards are absolutely huge. Imagine having smoother, better looking skin by making just one small change to your daily routine. That is what you get with the Derma Roller.

hydra Derma Rollers will be heading to the USA soon however if you wish to experience this breakthrough sooner please go to hydracol.com.au.

December 13, 2015

Why Vitamin C Serum?

Vitamin C is a very popular ingredient used in cosmetic skin care products. Studies have proved the Vitamin-C form of L-ascorbic acid can effectively reduced sun damage, pigmentation and wrinkles.

Benefits of Hydra C

  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant and can help reduce skin damage caused by free radicals
  • Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen and Elastin
  • It moisturizes and softens the skin
  • It encourages growth of collagen
  • It helps remove wrinkles / fine lines
  • Great for those suffering from Acne and Pimples
  • Hydra C contains 30% L-Ascorbic Acid

A good quality Vitamin C absorbs quickly into the skin, it will firm the Skin, Stimulates Collagen, Detoxifies, Reverses Sun Damage, Reduces Uneven Pigmentation and Brightens.

Other important Facts about Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen. Vitamin C is a protein of the skin. By adding Vitamin C to your skin you will increases the production of collagen.

Vitamin C is a super-powerful antioxidant and can help reduce skin damage caused by free radicals. Basically free radicals break down your collagen so it no longer becomes firm and without collagent your wrinkles start forming very quickly.

Vitamin C is such a great antioxident that it will prevent sun damage. Basically it helps break the chain of destruction caused by the sun-induced free radicals,

Studies have proven that Vitamin C  serum helps treat Fine Lines, Scars, Stretch Marks and Wrinkles. It is also well known to be a natural skin brightener and lightener that will reduce uneven pigmentation such as sun spots and age spots.