Hydra Smooth Foot Peeling Mask

Sexy Feet In 2 Weeks

No More Trying To Hide Your Dry Cracked And Calloused Feet

• Simply Clean And Dry Your Feet
• Slip Your Foot Into The Bootie and Seal With The Red Sticker
• Leave Boot On for 60 - 90 Minutes
• Wash Mask Off And Within 7-10 Days Your Feet Will Start Peeling

No Scrubbing, No Pain And No Foot File Needed, just apply, leave and remove 

EASY TO USE - Easy To Follow Instructions. Soft Subtle Skin Will Be Revealed And You Will Never Feel More Confident.

POWERFUL YET SAFE - Hydra Smooth Contains Powerful But Very Safe Botanicals. No Artificial Ingredients Just Powerful and Active Goodness. You Deserve Beautiful, Gorgeous Feet. Let Your Friends Be The Envy Of You.

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