Polish to Gel

Turn ANY Nail Polish into a Gel Polish !

Imagine if you could literally go into your bathroom cupboard and take all the old and used nail polishes you have and turn them into a gel polish.

Polish to Gel is a revolutionary product that has just been released by Hydracol. You can literally turn ANY Regular Polish into a Gel Polish. This means you are able to make any colour you want a gel. 

A formulated clear gel that can be mixed with ANY regular nail polish transforming it into gel polish.

Polish to Gel follows Hydracol’s belief in hydrating and conditioning your nails. Once it is applied it is simply like a regular gel with all the advantages.

Leading the revolution in gel technology Hydracol has taken it to the next level. This formula has not only been designed to hydrate and condition your nails but is has also been designed so any color you choose can be a gel color.

Polish to Gel 20ml is made in the USA in our state of the art FDA-certified Laboratory.

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