Hydra Peel - Liquid Latex Barrier

The solution to messy nails ! 

Hydra Peel is the perfect cure for messy manicures and pedicures. A pleasant smelling and fast drying liquid nail latex tape that acts as a barrier and shield around the cuticles. Hydra Peel will protect your skin from messy polishes and nail art such as stamping gradient, marbling etc. It makes any mess a breeze to clean up.

You can also use Hydra Peel as a stretchy and flexible peel-off base coat, it is fast drying and easy to peel off. The magic is in the removal as it forms a barrier between your nail and the polish. This is especially great for glitter. Its a fast and convenient base coat that makes it easy to remove glitters and other special effect polishes quickly and easily.

If you choose to use Hydra Peel as a peel of base coat you will find it will last about 1-3 days. If you are wanting it to last a bit longer make sure you don't apply it too close to the cuticle sides and tip, leave a tiny gap to prevent lifting.


  • Apply Hydra Peel to the skin around your nails and let dry.

  • Apply nail polish or your nail art.

  • Peel Hydra Peel with the orange stick that is included in your box.

  • You now have perfect neat nails.


Peel off Base Coat

  • Paint on Hydra Peel to the full nail.

  • Apply nail polish as usual

  • When it’s time to remove simply peel off the polish in one movement.


Tips & Tricks

  • Use non-latex sponges for gradients.

  • Make sure lid is closed tight to stop product from drying up.

  • Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

  • Latex sticks to itself so spread fingers and and use toe separators to avoid this.

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